Hangzhou Fusheng Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. was found in 1988, a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacture of high-efficiency energy-saving induction motors, intelligent equipment and precision moulds. Over more than three decades it has developed from manual workshop to intelligent manufacturing, from extensive management to fine management, from small and weak to large and strong, formed two advanced motor manufacturing bases in Hangzhou and Sichuan, and grown into a leading company of domestic high-efficiency energy-saving motor and global refrigeration compressor motor. In August 2015, Fusheng implemented mixed-ownership reform and became a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Shanghai Highly (Group) Co.,Ltd., one of the world’s largest air conditioner compressor manufacturers and a state-owned listed company, its high-efficiency refrigeration compressor motor is a provincial high-tech products, accounting for more than 20% of domestic market share, rank first in domestic industry.

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